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Yamaha NS10ms

(not photo of actual unit)

Make / Model: Yamaha NS10ms
Year: not sure
Purchased: American Musical Supply, 1999
Price: $350 (new)

You can hear this on:
F*box ‘ep1020’
Silence Is Suicide Lp

I used these as my main mixing monitors on all of the above recordings.

These were my first real ‘studio’ monitors.

Build Quality

Deceptively heavy.

Sound Quality

WTF is up with the bass? And the Midrange? And the high-frequency?


There is no speaker more contreversial than the NS10. ‘Love em or hate em’ applies here. They remind me a bit of Perrier: it’s an odd flavor, kind of like drinking furniture cleaner, but it kind of seems to work, a little? I don’t know. Let me try it again? Thats the mindset you may find yourself in.

Honestly, in five years of ownership of these, I never decided if I hated them or liked them. And I even learned how to use them to get good mixes.

But, I think if it’s that hard to work with, and it’s not SO obvious as to whether they are helping, It’s probably time to change speakers. I kept fucking with them because I was succeptable to them being a studio standard, the ‘white cones’. I thought, perhaps, I’d learn some audio secret by learning to mix on them.

No, I mixed just a fine on ANY other speaker that I knew. And generally, any other speaker was easier to get there.

Upside of keeping them so long, sold them for more than I bought them for, as they had been discontinued.

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