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Yamaha Acoustic

Make / Model: Yamaha Acoustic
Year: 90s?
Purchased: borrowed
Price: borrowed

You can hear this on:
Silence Is Suicide ‘Hope & The Anti-Culture’
Silence Is Suicide LP
500$Fine ‘Forward’
This was the main acoustic used on the ‘Silence Is Suicide’ lp, as well as on the song ‘Resist, Destroy Resist!’ on the 500$fine record.

Build Quality


Sound Quality



This was my girlfriend (and eventual Wife’s) guitar. I started borrowing it back in 1997, as I didn’t have an acoustic, and wanted to try some acoustic stuff. I ended up writing and tracking the song ‘Resist, Destroy, Resist!’ with it.

When we moved in together, it was around, and so I ended up tracking all of ‘Silence Is Suicide’ with it, before eventually deciding that I needed a ‘better’ guitar.

In retrospect, this was a very decent guitar, had great dynamics to it, as the silence is suicide stuff demanded, and was actually easier to record than the Martin that replaced it.

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