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Vans Slip On

Make / Model: Vans Slip On
Year: Varies

Build Quality

Depends on particular color, usually OK




Around 2 years daily wear


Probably sweatshop made


Some models canvas


My favorite shoe outside of the Chuck Taylor, is the Vans slip on. They are stiff enough in the back, that even if the fit is a little tight (like you are wearing winter socks) that they will slip-on easy. And the canvas is a decent weight for both winter and summer, IE they never seem overly hot or overly cold.

Arch support, doesn’t exist. Cusioning, it’s ok. Really these are very basic shoes. I have high arches so maybe thats why I like them.

The toe box is also very wide for a Vans (the only other one in this width seems to be the Chukka) so that works great.

Size wise, I usually wear an 11.5 in these. HOWEVER, I have noticed that if the sole has black foxing, I need a 12. Not sure why, perhaps its a different factory, but when I put two of these shoes together, the black foxing 12s are the SAME SIZE as the white foxing ones, from the outside. So theres that.

Though everything on this shoe appears to be Vegan, Vans doesn’t specify them as such. When I contacted Vans to find out why, I was greeted by a few different responses, basically indicating that they have no idea what they are actually made of, or why they aren’t called vegan.

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