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Vans Slip On Pro

Make / Model: Vans Slip On Pro
Year: Varies

Build Quality

Very durable


Decent, if a bit heavy


Around 1.5-2 years daily wear


Probably sweatshop made


Some models canvas


The Slip On Pro is a heavier, tougher version of the slip on with a better insole, designed for skateboarding.

The exterior uses a Duracap (some vans material) wrapping embeded around the front of the foxing to add to trick durability. The Insole is the Ultracush insole, which adds a bit of cushioning that is pretty comfortable, as well as arch support. The only downside, is the shoe isn’t really any taller than a normal slip on, so it means your foot is riding higher in the shoe, which means also, you might need to size up if you were just on the edge of a normal slip on size. For me, it’s not an issue.

The big issue, is the continued difference between sizing of black foxing and white foxing vans, and how the black foxing ones tend to be around a half-size smaller than the white foxing, so a black 12 is a white 11.5, and so on.

The problem with these has been the vegan-ness, vans wont’ specify these as vegan, as with the normal slip on. However, there does not appear to be any leather on the shoe at all, and when contacted numerous times, Vans can’t tell me why they won’t call it vegan. They have no idea. The obvious problem has been that Many of these are leather, but in the last year and a half, they have been rolling out all canvas models, which is great.

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