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Vans Chukka Low

Make / Model: Vans Chukka Low
Year: Varies

Build Quality





Around 1.5 to 2 years daily wear


Probably sweatshop made


Some models canvas


Vans goes through spirts on these, making a bunch of offerings of them in varieties of colors, then offering almost none. And it sucks, because this is one of their best shoes, and one of the few for wide feet (the others being slip-ons)…

The chukka has lately been receiving the Ultracush HD insole, and it’s pretty comfy. The chukka is not a heavy shoe in canvas configurations, and is usually stiff enough that once tied, they can be slipped on and off.

It’s a bigger shoe than the classic vans, by profile, offering a lot of padding. It’s kind of like a 2000s vans, except not as bubbly.

Sizing wise, they seem true to fit, and don’t seem to suffer the sizing variability between colorways that the Slip on has.

Overall a very decent shoe when you can find a color you like.

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