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Valley People Kepex II

Make / Model: Valley People Kepex II
Year: ?

Build Quality





Between the name and the color, I always think of Oklahoma and toronados when I think of these, or see them. A side effect of autism for sure.
But they are OK for what they are, which is a gate. The studio I used to work at had a bunch of these, and so my introduction to and experience with analog gates started with these.

How do they work?

Ok. But tempramental. They can make some really weird ‘zipping’ sounds if you set them wrong for your source. And you have to set them almost perfectly for them to work ok.

Thinking about it, these may actually suck, due to the work required. But, I’ve made recordings with them, and had them work, and not.

I don’t think I would seek them out though.

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