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Tissot PR50 Titanium Watch

Make / Model: Tissot PR50 Titanium Watch
Year: 2004

Build Quality





First, what I hate: The dial markers. For me, little tics instead of numbers mean that I look at the watch 2-3 times before I know what time it is. This is probably just me, but I have a hard time reading a numberless watch. Also, it’s a bit ‘dressy’ with the tics, and I don’t like that aesthetically. Also the second hand didn’t line up with any of the marks on the watch, which drove me a little nuts.

Like, shouldn’t a swiss watch’s second hand line up with the dial face?

Anyhow, it was a nice watch. Worked well. It had a date function (I don’t like date functions), but it was nice. And it was rather inexpensive ($200? or so).

So really, its a well made watch (despite the dial alignment issues), and in three or four years of ownership, never gave me an issue.

Rather, it i just never got over how I didn’t like it aesthetically.

See, I have to wear titanium watches because I have a nickel allergy. So my choices are limited to whatever watch manufacturerers decide to produce. And they don’t like to make titanium watches. Why? Because they scratch very easily, and most people don’t like scratched up watches, so people complain, and the watch makers stop making them. Me, I could give a FUCK about a scratch on the body. Just make the damn thing easy to read.

But really, this watch is a great value. With a watch, you really need three things:

1- A reliable mechanism (Its a decent ETA, check!)
2- A durable glass (It’s a sapphire crystal, which is about as scratch resistant as they come. fuck a scratched crystal)
3- it to function well for your life (IE, don’t buy an automatic if you’ll never wear it enough to keep it wound, don’t buy a solar watch if you never go outside, etc)

And it did all three things great. It’s basically bulletproof and a great value. I just hated the way it looked.

So to less dress it up, I put it on a swatch band, which made it A LOT better. But in the end, I couldn’t get past it’s lack of numbers.

ce la vie…

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