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Tascam DP-004

Make / Model: Tascam DP-004
Year: 2009
Purchased: American Musical Supply, 2009
Price: $99

You can hear this on:
Cinema Society ‘An Introduction’

This was the main interface on this record.

Build Quality


Sound Quality

Suprising for cost


In the Christmas of 2009, I decided to try my hand at making more music. I wanted to do something totally different than I had previously. And the idea for my ‘Cinema Society’ records was born.

To record them, I bought this.

It amazed me at how DECENT the sound quality was. Also, it had built in mics, so I could walk around with it, and recording things, like the stomps I did in my grandma’s garage that went on to be the ‘kick drums’ on the song ‘Raggart’.

What really appealed to me was not being tied to a computer, and not having to look at one to make music. I love computers, but it’s easier to listen when one isnt’ in front of you.

I used this for a while, then realized a proper audio interface to the computer may be better, after all. But if this thing had a few different features, I’d probably have stuck with it.

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