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Stagg Guitar

Make / Model: Stagg Fake Les Paul
Year: ?
Purchased: Richmond, Music, 2015
Price: $175

You can hear this on:
Gary Llama ‘just feel’
Gary Llama ‘The Beauty Of Music’
Gary Llama ‘Into The Hollow’

This was the main electric used on all of the above recordings, through the Fender Mustang amp.

Build Quality

Possibly fucked

Sound Quality



Some things don’t make sense, at all.

This guitar is one of those things.

It was one of the best guitar’s I’ve ever played. Def one of the best Les Paul types I’ve ever played.

And the tone was decent.

Proof that guitars can come from humble means.

Unfortunately, the quirk was, this guitar had two issues: 1) it was a les paul style, so g string is gonna go out of tune, and b) it wouldn’t stay in tune on other strings, either.

So I upgraded the cheap tuners to top of the line klusons, ‘safety post’ ones even.

A little better, but still fucked.

In the end, I concluded it was either a truss rod issue (may have been broken), or wood stability issue (it did seem to be effected drastically by climate), so I broke it in to pieces, to save Human Beings from having to stuggle with a great playing guitar, that wouldn’t stay in tune.

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