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Revell Stearman Kaydet 1/72 Model Kit

Make / Model: Revell Stearman Kaydet 1/72 Model Kit
Year: Recent?


Pretty Impressive. Solid little pieces. Easy to cut from sprues. Decals resilient. Decent enough for a 4-year-old to help with.

Ease of Assembly

Very straight forward. The wing trusses (that hold the pair together) were the only super fragile parts.


I wanted to get my daughter a model. So we went to the model store. And we found this. Priced at $9.99. I was stoked to build this!…

fig. 1. Already molded in yellow! Very simple sprues.

…the idea was to teach her a bit about patience, and I wrote a little about this experience here. I also picked up the Testor’s non-toxic cement, so we could learn about modeling, rather than avoiding vapors…

fig. 2. Note critical tounge placement for extra detail.

…she was very into the idea of building a model. We would take time, do a part, then take a break. Overall, we did it in two days. And it gave her something to really look forward to those days. Which, on a weekend, can be a godsend for parenting mental health…

fig. 3. Model done with her paint choices and application.

…and I let her pick paint colors, and paint it herself, so it was mostly hers. Then she mentioned about wanting to play with it, and a little panic set in. But then I thought, ‘well, she will see firsthand why playing with models isn’t the greatest idea’. And within a few hours, the wings were seperated. But the experience was in her mind, and that was ultimately my goal.


This was a great kit to build with a 4-year old. Easy. Solid. Unfortunately, if the kid wants to play with it, and who wouldn’t at that age, it will get destroyed. But thats not the point. It was fun. And she had a blast. Looking forward to building another one with her soon!

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