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Rega P2

(not photo of actual unit)

Make / Model: Rega P2
Year: 2004
Purchased: ?, 2004
Price: $500 (New)

Build Quality


Sound Quality



It’s a turntable. That is undeniable. But thats about all that stood out to me about it and the difference between it and any other turntable I have ever come in contact with.

It’s basically a piece of MDF, with a nice tonearm, and a motor. A oddly fragile seeming cover, and yeah. Turntable.

Apparently in turntables, a lot of the noise comes from the arm: setting it up wrong, it being made out of the wrong stuff, etc. But yeah, still sounded like records.

Which is to say, how much money are you willing to spend to squeeze every ounce of audio out of a media that has, at BEST, 50 db of signal before noise floor, roughly half of what 16 bit PCM can do?

Yeah, records are fun. But spending $500 on a turntable isn’t fun, it actually made me question the point of records in the 00s in the first place.

I’d probably have preferred an SL1200, cuz it has that cool light. And the arm is all adjustable and shit. Plus, it’s heavy and seems like it should cost $500.

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