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Otari MTR-10

Make / Model: Otari MTR 10
Year: ?

Build Quality





Folks used to say these were not that great, because some of them didn’t do 30ips. I think they were aimed more towards broadcast. However, they were solid sounding machines. And to me, the sound of rock.

They aren’t the hifi sound of a 1/2″ studer, but for a 1/4, they have BALLS. Hit down to 15ips, and things get very interesting.

I used to love the built-in speaker for mono check of mixes.

Thinking back, the studio I worked at having this, plus the digital rig, added a versatility that could not be beat. Want a hifi mixdown? Hit through the digital. Want it to sound like rock? Put it to the MTR 10. The studer can’t do that. At all.

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