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(not photo of actual unit)

Make / Model: OKTAVA MC012
Year: ?
Purchased: The Sound Room, 2006
Price: $350 (new)

You can hear this on:
F*box ‘This Malaise Is Our Grave’
This entire EP was recorded using the Metric Halo ULN-2 and the OKTAVA MC012, monitored through the ULN-2 and a pair of Sennheiser HD-600s

Build Quality


Sound Quality

Pretty great


Ok, so you need to record some acoustic guitar? You may want to reach for a Neumann, but you could also reach for this. Sounds like a Neumann, minus all the crazy shit in the mid-range. By that logic, it also sounds like any high-end microphone, except a little noisier. But better than most.

The studio I freelanced at for a while had some AKG 490s. This thing killed them. Destroyed them. Also had some AKG 391s. Destroyed them. Also had some AKG 414-ULS, and I know thats a large diaphragm but it destroyed them as well. The reason? This thing sounds good. And for some reason, it seems like anytime you may want to reach for any AKG, you’d probably be better off reaching for this. But I’m also biased against AKG, because of my experience with half their products.

I got my OKTAVA with the omni-capsule, which is great, if like me, you are recording a Martin in Baltimore during rush hour and NEED to pause everytime a bus drives by your apartment. It’s like making a film, except you just stop recording during the driving past parts, and instead, listen to what your world really sounds like.

Did you know all those sounds were really going on all around you? I bet you didn’t! But know you know, thanks to the omni capsule on the OKTAVA MC012.

Mic placement? Just put it in the general area of the guitar. Too bright, aim it somewhere else. It’s all good.

And, if your super careful to avoid plosives right into the fucking mic, you can cut a vocal as well. And it will sound good.

A great value, but I hear the QC on these is all over the place. I think I lucked out, er, well I just bought it from a place that QCs them again.

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