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Nash T57 Guitar

Make / Model: Nash T57 Guitar
Year: 2011

Build Quality

Very Good.




So in the Era of modern guitars is a movement towards vintage guitars. And like other modern fashion accessories, towards the ‘worn’ look. So Nash is a company that builds ‘aged’ instruments.

I’m not into it.
It’s fake.
I hate it.

However, they also happen to build very good guitars. So one day at a guitar shop, I find this crazy looking guitar, and despite hating the way it looked, decided to give it a play. Oh. My. God. It was the best playing guitar I had played, well, possibly ever.

So I bought it.

And it was amazing. Two issues though: 1) This was my first tele-style guitar, so first time with a tele bridge. And i learned that I hate the tele bridge, it hurts my hand. And with an aged tele bridge, it hurts even worse.

2) The neck on this thing was amazing. For solo stuff. For rhythm, I didn’t like it. And it’s weird, because I had been searching for years for the fat neck guitars (remembering my old SRV). But this guitar taught we one thing, it ain’t the thickness of the neck.

As for the sound, it was amazing. Lollar pickups, perhaps a bit too dirty, could kill your ears sometimes.

And the thing was so light, and I loved the unfinished neck.

But, I hated that bridge. So I thought about replacing it. However, I had paid the going rate for this thing, and if I replaced the bridge, it’s value would diminish. People want these as the ‘intended’ package.

So, just to be sure, I ordered a Squier Jaguar and when it arrived, played both back to back. And when I realized I could play the jag about 85% as good on lead, and better on rhythm, I put the Nash up for sale.

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