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Langevin EQ251a

(not photo of actual unit)

Make / Model: Langevin EQ251a
Year: 60s?
Purchased: Ebay, 2005
Price: $350 (Used)

Build Quality

Fucking Amazing

Sound Quality

Fucking Amazing



Thats about all I could say the second I first ran audio through one of these. Beefy, Beefy low end. But the top, jeesus. Amazing. Purely amazing. Lang EQs are about all I can compare it to sonically, but this thing is a billion times better. But WAY WAY WAY too colored. It will fucking ring if you crank it.

Being passive, there’s not much to go wrong on one of these, outside of a fader or switch (and if it’s the fader, your probably superfucked).

I had one of these for a year or so, but didn’t really have any projects going on, so I ended up selling it for more than what I paid for it, and now they go for much, much more.

The only project I used it on, was a one-take of the song Hateless, Beyer M160, to ULN-2, then did some insert thing, and followed it with this, then hit the other preamp for makeup gain. Sounded great. Sadly, I lost that version.

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