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iBook G4

Make / Model: Apple iBook G4
Year: 2003, 2004
Purchased: Apple, 2003, 2004
Price: $899, $999, $799

Build Quality


Sound Quality

It’s a computer


My second computer, and third, and fourth, all very good laptops, though they had some quirks.

For some reason, the first one seemed to run a little slow. Not sure why, as the second one was about the same speed processor wise, but was faster. Could have been a different motherboard. I had a few iBooks after this one, and they all were a lot better.

Build-wise, I really liked the ibook G4. Very nice design, very sturdy. They were designed to take abuse from kids, so they were tough enough for everyday use.

I got multiples because I kept selling them to buy more gear, then would replace one. Then, once, I was very depressed from health issues, having a hell of a time, and chucked one across my apartment. I had some issues that I am super not proud of. Replaced it.

I wanted to try a Macbook, but upon inital release they had SOO many issues.

Later, they started making them out of aluminum, and as I have a nickel allergy, didn’t want to risk wasting money on something that would cause me to break out. So sadly, I moved to PCs for laptops, but also because my audio software ran on them.

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