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Hampton Creek Just Mayo

Make / Model: Hampton Creek Just Mayo
Year: 2016-2018


In 2016, I tried this ‘Mayo’. As a 20+ year vegan, I was expecting some bullshit, as most vegan mayos taste like some oil and bullshit.

This WAS amazing. It had a tangy kick I remember mayo having, and enough fat in the taste to feel like mayo. The situation where you wonder if it actually is Mayonaise bearing eggs, but not disgustingly. It was Amazing.

Then between 2016 and 2018, something changed. The recipe changed. And now it tastes like a ball-less, kickless, bullshit.

Gone is both the tang and the fatty taste. Comparing labels found on the internet from the two times, it appears they took out all the great fat, and made it more ‘healthy’. Which sucks, because now this shit is just, not good. It’s very inoffensive, probably still better than other vegan Mayos, but the 2016 version, was actually better tasting than real, egg-bearing Mayonaise.

Aside from that, the company seems sketchy. Reading stuff online, they seem like a very tech-oriented company, which makes me question there soul. The fact they took an amazing Mayo and made it suck ass, I question it even more.

Also, I question the shelf stability of any of this, not sure why, just a feeling.

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