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Hamilton Field Khaki Automatic Titanium Watch

Make / Model: Hamilton Field Khaki Automatic Titanium Watch
Year: 2018

Build Quality





The biggest issue I had with my Tissot, was it’s lack of numbers for viewing the dial. The Citizen ‘Ray Mears’ was a little better, but I didn’t like some of the functionality.

This watch, however, I LOVE.

First… isssues: a) It costs A LOT. b) it’s an automatic, so you need to wear it, or wind it c) it’s an automatic with a date, so you need to wear it or set it, and then at the end of the month, adjust it d) the glowing numbers don’t last long e) there is no illumination on the dial, being an automatic, so you may roll over to your wife, who is on her phone, and ask what time it is, because you realize you can’t see the time on your stupid expensive watch.

But still I love it. Why? a) it’s black b) it’s an automatic. The big thing is the latter. Flip this beast over (it’s actually light and fairly small, just constructed like a beast) and you can see the main spring of the watch, the heart, just doing it’s thing. And if you keep looking, you can see all kinds of things happening in there. It’s like a jelly fish swatch, but with an actual show going on. And it amazes me.

And It’s a little world of perfection on your wrist. If your fixing a car, and shit is breaking, or your just having a hard time. Look to your wrist. There is perfection. Folks put in work, and made perfection. And it’s there: perfect. Encased in titanium.

And for that I love this watch.

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