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Graphtech Tusq XL Nut

Make / Model: Graphtech Tusq XL Nut
Year: 2018

Build Quality





I’ve never been one for guitar ‘accessories’, but damn if I wasn’t blown away by the sustain of that PRS Mira.

So I looked into why that guitar is so good. And in coming across videos of Paul Reed Smith describing how he builds, he mentioned a few secrets to great playing guitars, and one was the nut.

So, having experienced using a good nut, I figured I’d try upgrading the nut on my strat, and see if it made a difference.

I went with the Graphtech, because it seemed like they were doing closest to what PRS does, or vice versa.

Did it make a difference? Definetely. Amazingly.

For $10, these things are seriously the most important upgrade you can do to an instrument, possibly ever. It will take an ok sustaining guitar, and make it good. Though maybe it would ruin a great one. No idea. But if your guitar is ‘normal’, go ahead and upgrade it.

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