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Make / Model: FMR Really Nice Compressor
Year: 2003
Purchased: Mercenary Audio, 2003
Price: $199

Build Quality


Sound Quality



Decent compressor. Reminds me of the DBX stuff, but with more fidelity, and without the stupid ‘sheen’ that the 160vu/162 had.

And if you put it in ‘super nice’ mode, it can handle stereo buss stuff pretty ok, kind of.

I’d use it for compressing overheads. Like smashing them with it.

Sometimes it was awesome, othertimes it was horrible. Had to try it.

I know folks like this a bit, but overall, I’d probably pass on it if I needed something like that again. I just really didn’t like it’s sound. A little too antiseptically colored, like lacking balls, but still colored.

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