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Fender Locking Tuners

Make / Model: Fender Locking Tuners
Year: 2018

Build Quality





These are super well-made tuners. I generally do not like the whole ‘guitar accessories’ thing, but after playing the PRS with locking tuners, I was amazed at how easy and nice it is to both tune, and stay in tune with them. So I got these. And they work great.

Two Caveats:

1. They are heavy

2. They didn’t sound as good as the stock tuners. Like, they really didn’t. I don’t know if thats a trade off with every locking tuner, or just these (perhaps using to little string wind at post, there is less resonance?) but I realized it cut the resonance down tremedously. Perhaps it was just my shitty tuners rattling? perhaps. But maybe that resonance is also part of the sound of a strat? I don’t know.

All i know is the guitar sounded deader. And while more technically perfect. It sounded less ball-sy, less ‘dangerous’. And a guitar should sound like danger, not like math.

So I put the old non-locking tuners back on. And enjoyed my jangle, and un-even imperfect tuning.

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