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Fender Bassman (AB165 Blackface)

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Make / Model: Fender Bassman (AB165 Blackface head)
Year: 1965
Purchased: Ebay, 2003
Price: $300

Build Quality


Sound Quality



There are certain things that are mythysized. One, Neve preamps. Two, anything the beatles used. Three, Old fender stuff.

And this is the later.

Generally, I avoid old stuff because I feel the music has probably been played out of it, the magic is gone, per se. And after owning this amp, yeah, I still think that.

This amp sounded really, really good, at loud volumes, kind of. But it also had this odd sound, that I can only desribe as harsh. The odd thing, is it actually sounded more solid state, when pushed, than a lot of the solid state amps I’ve ever played.

The only way for me to play it, was pushed, and living around other human beings, meant I had to get a speaker attenuator.

Some folks argue about whether these are bad for your amp. Theoretically, they shoudln’t be.

But I killed this amp, while cranked, into a weber attenuator. I was just playing, then I heard a sizzle, the amp powered off, and smoke came out the top.

Luckily, I could full disclosure sell it broken, and sold it for more than I paid for it.

Because of the allure of myths.

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