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B&W 602s2

(not photo of actual unit)

Make / Model: B&W 602s2
Year: 2001
Purchased: Audio Exchange, 2001
Price: $650 (new)

You can hear this on:
F*box ‘ep1020’

I used these as my main mixing monitors on all of the above recordings.

Build Quality


Sound Quality



I was pretty excited when I bought these. B&W speakers have that great B&W sound. If you’ve never heard it, it’s a beautiful sound that I can only describe as a sweet, mid-range honkyness. Kind of like a Neumann mic, but prettier.

Yet, they remain pretty accurate in that mid-range, but that B&W sound can be a bit distracting. It colors things. And if you like that sound, it may cause you to overlook things that are happening in the frequencies that sound is occuring in.

But these were not made for mixing, they were made for yuppies and living rooms.

They are pretty revealing. If a record sounds small, these will let you know. It can make for revealing listening.

The bass though. It’s all fucked. They have a port coming out the front, so that should tip you off to what they probably sound like. They have bass, but it’s the kind that makes me cringe and want to shove matteresses into anything on the axial mode of the room: corners, nooks, because jesus, the bass is just all over the place.

They are a bit bright too, so if your mixing, have fun with mixes that are dull everywhere else.

But for listening to music in your house, not bad.

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