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Beyer M201

(looks like this, but with drum stick marks)

Make / Model: Beyer M201
Year: 2002
Purchased: Full Compass, 2002
Price: $200 (new)

Build Quality


Sound Quality



The M201 (this version being the TG, or ‘tour group’, which I beleive is a heavier casing) is a very versatile microphone. It is good for applications that the SM57 would be good for. In fact, you can think of it as a snooty SM57: It has a nicer high end, it’s not boxy sounding in the mids, and it handles High SPL pretty OK.

What it doesn’t have is the proximity boost in the low end that the SM57/58 both have. And that is why, while I love this mic on the snare, this mic sucks as a vocal microphone.

Sound-wise, it sounds like a Shure Beta 58 crossed with a Sennheiser MD-421. Which can be cool, or can suck.

The best thing, is with it’s heavy casing, you can whack the fuck out of it with drumsticks and it keeps on going, though the ‘clunk’ will be recorded.

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