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Beyer M-160

Make / Model: Beyer M-160
Year: 2004

Build Quality

Very good


Pretty Good


For some reason, Beyerdynamic has been making ribbon microphones for years, for applications that most folks would use a simple mylar dynamic mic. And the result, is some very interesting microphones. In particular, the M160 and M180. Together, these mics make a pair that can be used for a M/S recording, with the cardoid pattern of the M160, and the figure 8 of the M180.

Why would you need a M/S pair from basically small dynamic mics? I have no idea.

If however, you decide to use the M160 for what it LOOKS like it would be good for, things like vocals, guitar, basically SM58 territories, you will be pleased. You can even use it on acoustic guitar.

How does it sound? Rich. Which means bassy, without sounding fake, and a bit dark on top, but with a rich midrange structure, as well as some scooping. The result, a damn interesting sounding microphone.

I’d honestly have one, but there are two issues: 1) It’s pretty expensive for a handheld ($500 or so), which is hard for me to justify in this category and 2) The ribbon element scares the fuck out of me. These things are delicate. Perhaps more rumoured in delicate-ness than actually delicate, but still, something that turns me off.

Great mic though. I also liked it ALOT on acoustic guitar.

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