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Amek M2500 Console

Make / Model: Amek M2500 Console
Year: 1980s?

Build Quality





When I took an internship at a recording studio, this was the console they had. Accordingly, this is what I learned how to mix and record on.

It was a 48-channel version. One of the nice things of this, is you could leave one half setup for tracking, and the other half, setup for mixing back from tape.

Sound-wise: It’s solid. If your mix sucks on this, it’s your fault.
The preamps are very decent. The stereo buss (and the 8 other busses) have tons of headroom, and the EQs on each channel are fucking amazing.

The only downside to a console like this? Maintenance. By the time we had this, in the early to mid 2000s, many things were starting to go, and maintenance was, iirc, around $1k per month in fixing random channels. So, sometimes you’d come in, and one of the channels wouldn’t work, so youd’ patch around it. The worst I experienced, the stereo buss went out. But, having 8 other busses, I just patched around it.

Great board.

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