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AKG c414 B ULS

Make / Model: AKG c414 B ULS
Year: ?

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The C414 is a microphone derived from the C12. The late versions of the C12 used a body similar to the 414, but the 414 uses a reworked capsule. Comparatively, the c414 is a duller sounding microphone than the C12. This makes the 414 a bit less useful on vocals, and was addressed with the c414 TLII.

What the 414 does do well, is that of an all around microphone. While it may not have the magic for vocals, it is very good for acoustic string instruments, and drum applications such as overheads and room mic. It has a selectable pickup pattern that makes it extremely versatile.

Overall, not a bad mic, but if buying a 414-type mic, i’d opt for the TLII version.

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