A personal podcast about life, health, and art / music, by Richmond, Virginia artist, Gary Llama. Available here, as well as on iTunes and Spotify.

My non-career as a rapper

How I made a rap record, it was bad, and what I learned from it.

On Value and keeping an open and learning mind

Spurred by a listen an old demo of a band I was in (500$Fine) I reflect on how value can change with perspective over time, and how to keep an open, learning mind. The track that inspired reflection is included at the end of the episode.

On photography as process and reflection in life

A look at how I make photography and how I use it as a medium for reflection, and constructive process in my life.

Music and Coping With Sickness and Depression

On the role that music making has played in dealing with my life.

About The Site

Llamatism is a collection of things, a cabinet of curiosities, and reports from explorations on things, by Gary Llama.

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