A personal podcast about life, health, and art / music, by Richmond, Virginia artist, Gary Llama. Available here, as well as on iTunes and Spotify.

On Trump, Journalism, and Resisting Ignorance

Some thoughts on the state of the left under Trump, Journalism in the era of Facebook, and Resisting ignorance.

The Importance Of Feedback

On the importance of feedback in making things, and how we should let creators know we appreciate things.

Good Doc / Bad Doc

Trying to figure out what makes a good doctor, good, a bad one, bad, and that following your instincts can be important.

On Cars and Gender

An analogy looking at gender as vehicles, and my path to finding what is right for me.

On Reggae and Dub

Some reflection on how the bond between reggae and punk rock, my love for it, and it’s influence on me.

About The Site

Llamatism is a collection of things, a cabinet of curiosities, and reports from explorations on things, by Gary Llama.

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