A personal podcast about life, health, and art / music, by Richmond, Virginia artist, Gary Llama. Available here, as well as on iTunes and Spotify.

On Veganism and Allergies

Talking about trying non-vegan foods after 20+ years vegan in an effort to deal with expanding health issues, despite no change in ethics.

Video: On Surgeries & Depression

An update on what I’ve been dealing with for the past 7 months. Topics include surgeries, surgery drugs, depression, and my new album, ‘EXRRA’.

This episode of the Llamatism podcast is available as both a video, and as audio in the normal podcast format.

On Bad Reviews

Some thoughts on bad reviews, the value of reviews, and constructive criticism.

On Changing Ourselves

Thoughts on overcoming behaviours that are not in line with the people we want to be.

On Pneumonia

Some thoughts on the state of the left under Trump, Journalism in the era of Facebook, and Resisting ignorance.

About The Site

Llamatism is a collection of things, a cabinet of curiosities, and reports from explorations on things, by Gary Llama.

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