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Revolutions occur one person at a time: A manifesto of reason, rationality, and self

Every day, ordinary people make simple, seemingly-harmless and not-so-harmless decisions that add up to the daily actions of the populace as a whole. Sometimes the results seem uneventful. Sometimes they are catastrophic. At all times they are human.

On Revolution…

Revolution occurs one person at time. There is no mass that needs to be rallied. Instead, rally the individual; Rally yourself. Live your life the way you think life should be lived. The populace is as close as the man next to you.

1. Consent

Our consent is our only true currency. Use it wisely.

2. Boogey men

There are no “boogey men” that can circumvent consent in our society.

3. Consumerism

Buy and Sell the things you think should be bought and sold. Create the market you believe in.

4. Voting

Vote for what you beleive in, not what you can rationalize.

5. Politics

Politics is the replacement of a system of rationality based on reason with a system of rationality based on calculation. Circumvent politics by countering it with reason.

6. Power stems from the barrel of power

Defending an idea with a gun only reinforces the idea of defending things with a gun.

7. War

Wars are being fought as solutions because people are willing to fight wars as solutions.

8. Masters (“us vs. them”)

To hold contempt for “them” puts your contempt inevitably against yourself. There is only “us”.

9. Prejudice and Racism

To dislike someone because of their difference is to dislike someone because they are human.

10. Failure

Respect the fallibility of the man next to you and you will respect your own humanity.

11. Success

Success is whatever we believe makes us successful.

12. Media

The quality of our information is the basis of the quality of our education. Report of failure as much as success.

13. Art

Art is the mechanism of discovery by which we define the extremes of our being. We must create the art we dream, rather than the art we can rationalize.

14. Business

Business is a mechanism of humanity, not it’s master.

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