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Overcoming Our Own Truth

When we start looking at the world as a place where our independent actions contribute to, or diminish from, the lives of the people we live amongst, it becomes hard to go on living with our personal goals as our only guiding principle. When we see the world as interconnected and dependent upon the work of all the people in it, we begin to realize that life is not our personal playground. That we cannot be solitary. That our personal lives are dependent upon the actions of a public. The garbage man to remove our trash. The water utility to provide us water. The clerk at the grocery store to ring up our food. The baker to bake our bread. And the farmer to grow the ingredients.

And at each of these intersections of people and work, we see a disparity of income amongst the various people who make this place work. We see a disparity in the ability of some folks to keep healthy the way we do. We see a disparity in the ability of some to think they have a future they can count on. Yet we stand on the work of these individuals to pursue our own lives. We depend on their contributions as the foundation on which we build our future.

Some societies recognize this. They recognize the disparities inherent in trade. And they recognize the peculiarities of capital; that money comes most easy to those who already have it.
Some folks believe that one’s station in life is tied to ability. I have found these people tend to be the one’s that were in abundance of ability.

So folks believe it is easy to come into money. I have found these folks to be the one’s that were in the abundance of money.

And some folks believe that no matter what they do, they will always be poor. These poor folks are the one’s that have grown up in an abundance of poverty.

But all of these views are nothing more than a mindset. Some may be realistic, others may be somewhat imaginary. But all of them seem as real to their envision-er as the realest thing they have ever experienced. And that’s precisely why, because they have experienced it.

But not all of us experience the same things. When we look out the window to take a look at our city, we color it with our own experience; A world of ability. A world of easy money. A world of hard poverty.
So when we ask ourselves what it is we want from life, we should take into account the whole picture. The farmer, the garbage man, the utility worker, the clerk. And we should imagine our own goals set up in a situation that is in accordance with this reality; that everything we do, we do with the work of others as our foundation. This is the way the world works. It would be good to recognize it. And perhaps, if we plan our own future accordingly, we will make a much richer world…for all of those working towards it.

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