A collection writings and thoughts by artist Gary Llama.


we make beautiful images.
we share them.
people ‘like’ them
people ‘share’ them
A story is being told.
And people are narrating a part of their life with these images.

For many years, folks have turned to the arts to narrate their stories. For the emotions, it may have been a painting, a poem, or a song. And for experience, perhaps a movie. No single medium has conquered a range of sense, but all have been used to by a viewer to complete a piece of a puzzle; the puzzle of what they are feeling.

The arts can be cathartic for the artist. But they can also be cathartic for the audience. And they can narrate the audience’s life.

So what is it all for?
Essentially, to help show meaning.

Art can highlight, solidify, extract and contain meaning as people view art and assign art relevance.

It becomes a useful art the second a person views it.

Without the human viewing and assigning it, the image is meaningless.

So what does it say about a society that spends most of it’s time trading art?

I think it says we are searching for narration, and at a deeper level, relevance, and meaning.

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