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Creating the Art Experience

A lull in art production.

I like the definition of art as anything that gives the viewer an “art experience”.
In other words, It’s more than a pleasing image.

I feel a lot of the art I have created simply references a symbology or technique, so that it looks like art. My current path is to create things that facilitate the art experience with as little syntax attached, as is possible.

So, if I succeed in making an experience for you, you may just say “thats interesting”, but not even think of it as art. That is what I am aiming for.

As you may gather, I’m in an exploratory state with this right now. And somewhere along the line, I erased my archive of past works. I’m taking it as a new beginning. I have spent much of my recent time observing the creation process of others, offering occasional input, but listening more than speaking.

I hope to begin creating some interesting things soon.

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