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Be liquid, stay fluid

One of the problems of ownership is that it assumes more than one thing. To own ‘ourselves’, we end up finding ourselves owning emotions. This is not good for me. To me, I need to experience emotions, but let go of the notion that this is ‘my pain’, or ‘my experience’. In short, I need to be able to let things flow off of me. Be liquid, stay fluid.

Why? because life is constantly changing.

So if we model ourselves to be like life, IE, that we make ourselves also somewhat like liquid, then we find less abrasion, less stress, and adapt faster to the movement through it.

And ownership is conterpoint to fluidity.

The idea of the self, as something we should ‘own’, or that we should ‘speak our own truth’, or have pride in ourselves, are ideas I find to be counterproductive to adapting to life. Instead, I think we should accept our past experiences, but be weary of placing a narrative on ourselves that these things are part of us. Rather, I think it’s better to look at them as they are, past experiences. Wake behind us.

Else we become less fluid, and more rigid.

Looking through life, it is the rigidity that has turned me off when experiencing other people.

The rigidity of the elderly, set in their ways. Or the rigidity of the status quo. Or the rigidity of beauracracy.

All of these points of rigidity, can be observed as, points of conflict between the liquidity of life, and the being. These are the points of impact, and the basis for extended suffering.

It is with this ideal, the idea of staying fluid, that I find to be important in growth, and in an existence free from un-needed suffering. Notice I said un-needed. Because suffering will occur, as sure as we have to contact with and adapt to life. But keeping ourselves as moldable as possible, and resisting the hardening of our form, makes adaptaption much easier.

After all, if we look at life as a process of evolution, we realize that it is the ability to adapt, that seperates the survivors from the deceased.

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