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An Apology For My Generation

In regards to a statement made about the mythical “they” deadening society…

“They” didn’t do that, my generation did.

My generation wanted to make some fucking money, just like the generation before us. But instead of being “lame” and buttoned up like our parents, who’s generation never really did shit outside of become hippies, make cocaine popular in the 80’s, and focus on their own selves; we decided to induce reality into TV. Maybe it was one too many dilluted “after school specials” we watched. Or maybe it was our own indifference to the world, as we watched our parents bathe in the malaise of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s comfort, and the deadening of mass culture in the name of “nice things”.

So my generation decided to try and eek out a living. Mostly appropriating the things they missed from childhood, cuz we are basically grown up babies, craving nostalgia for things that were not that good in the first place. And with this idea, that we could change things from the inside, we went to work, and shortly became obsessed with owning the real-life versions of all the cars we drove in video games, replicating the great times of our teenage years in aesthtic, and engaging in culture as a consumeristic, after-work activity.

And somewhere in there, we created a new demographic: The mid twenties to thirties “youth” market. We treated our young adulthood as just young, which wasn’t bad in itself, but basically created yet another dumbed down, anti-intellectual demographic, alienated to real discourse, getting our news from The Daily Show, and straight-up given-up on mainstream society. Yet many of us got jobs there. But hey, “we aren’t like the real mainstream, we wear t-shirts to work, and have a ping pong table, and nerf wars!”.

So basically, my generation sold your generation out, for a hot-rodded subaru, a snowboard, conspiracy theories mistaken for intellectualism, and a perpetual sex pistols reunion, all the while putting their brains to work for the same motherfuckers that have owned everything, for always.

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