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A Thought On Immigration

In the election cycle, we are hearing about the topic of immigration. it’s an issue that every country throughout history has had to deal with at some level.

The truth is, the history of human beings is a constant story of migration. It’s part of our evolutionary cycle: encounter, adapt, progress, move. Whether it’s early mankind coming out of the African plains, or the move to modern Europe from Mesopotamia, human history has been a process of migration. And it becomes immigration when that migration crosses a political boundary.

Unfortunately, it’s also been a story of persecuting the group deemed as ‘other’ in each situation; calling them less evolved, savage, and non-entitled to an equal status of personhood.

So perhaps it’s time we begin to see immigration not as a threat, but as a process of the evolution of humankind.

After all, at some point, we all came here from somewhere else.

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