Yamaha RGX1212

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Make / Model: Yamaha RGX1212
Year: 80s?
Purchased: Trade, 1997
Price: Trade

You can hear this on:
500$fine ‘Forward’

I used this guitar in Shitload of Pain, and on the song ‘Compassion’, off of the 500$fine CD

Build Quality


Sound Quality



This was a crazy guitar. It was light. It sounded awesome. It played awesome. Ultimately, I really took it for granted, I guess spoiled by the SRV I had before it.

It had this odd white color paint, that kinda turned pink under certain light. Def a product of the 80s.

And though the neck was thin, it was wide enough that it didn’t kill my hands.

Overall, one of the best sounding, best playing guitars I ever owned.

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