Yamaha FG830 Dreadnought Guitar

Make / Model: Yamaha FG830 Dreadnaught Guitar
Year: 2018

Build Quality

Very Good


Very Good


These are amazing guitars, at any price. And for $299, that is saying a lot.

I used to have a Martin D-16RGT. I paid around $1100 for that in 2002. Nowadayas, they go for around $1600 new. This is a very similar guitar. Sitka top. Rosewood Sides and back. Rosewood has more low end than Mahogany.

This guitar sounds just as good, to my ears, actually, it sounds better. The Martin may have a little more low end, but the Yamaha is more detailed, and sounds more articulate when strummed, wheras the Martin, sadly, tends to turn into something of a muddy low-end.

A great value.

The Martin is a better made guitar. It smells better. The fretboard is nicer. And it’s lighter (just by a little), and it comes with a nice case. But for my purposes, IE studio recording, the Yamaha is too good to pass up.

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