Welcome Chris Miller 10″ Deck

Make / Model: Welcome Chris Miller 10″ Deck
Year: 2018

Build Quality



10″ deck, so yeah


I purchased this as a deck to ride around on, casually. It’s damn good for that.

Welcome Skateboards is making some very cool decks.

This one, is based on their ‘Sugarcane’ shape, which is reminiscent of old fish style decks by Vision and Powell. And all their decks are built by PS Stix, so it’s good wood, and has the pop you would expect from PS Stix.

My only issue: While I love the 10″ fit for my size 12 foot, and the styling, do I really want a heavy-ass ‘shaped’ deck?

No, no I don’t.

As much as I love the 80s/90s, I feel it’s my duty to skate newer shit. So I sold it.

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