The Pinky Show

What do you get when you cross animated cats with radical politics, philosophy, and just general awesomeness?

The Pinky Show.

The show was a web series produced by a non-profit (Assoicated Animals Inc) that explored a variety of political and social issues, starting in 2005, and running until 2014.

Over that time, The Pinky Show produced comics, short-form videos, and longer-form videos addressing topics and subject matter that delved into topics deeper than the animations appearance may suggest.

The show produced many great, amazing works, but a few stand out the most to me…

1. We Love Museums… Do Museums Love Us Back?

This episode finds Pinky sidekick, Kim, reading a report they wrote on museums, and how they function in culture.

2. How To Solve Illegal Immigration

3. How To Spend 1.5 Billion Dollars

This episode has Pinky asking us why we spend so much money, to bomb people? It’s a simple question, rarely framed as such.

And thats what made the Pinky Show so interesting. It was a show where questions were framed outside of the status-quo understanding of the context, and appropriateness of such questions. It seems kid-like, these cats, because kids have not learned the contextual, status quo, basis for why some questions are not asked. And it’s in this innocence, that the question is explored.

Amazing stuff!

You can check out more about this project at their website, and per the terms of their Creative Commons License, you can feel free to share it with others happily.

This episode has Pinky interviewing Daisy, who has claimed to be able to solve ‘illegal’ immigration, quickly.

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