Straye Ventura

Make / Model: Straye Ventura
Year: 2017-

Build Quality

Kind of cheap




Around 5-6 months daily wear


Probably sweatshop made


Some models canvas


The Ventura is a slip-on by Straye. It is available in canvas. It is essentially a knock-off of the Vans slip on. It’s a little lighter. It runs a little smaller/skinnier, so going up a size is an ok idea. And it has a flip up heel ‘counter’ that usually has a message, ranging from graphics of middle fingers, to statements relating to drug use, etc, etc.

These are decent shoes. They sell these cheap. My guess, they are definetely made in sweatshops due to pricing, but compared to a Vans, the quality is only a little bit lower.

Their insole, similar to Vans Ultracush, is called the Acid Drop and comes in the shoes at the same low price point. So for $30, they are way more comfortable than vans. HOWEVER, these insoles tend to crush out around 5 months later. And from my experience, a 6-month old pair of these is the equivalant of a two-year old pair of vans.

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