Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar HH

Make / Model: Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar HH
Year: 2011

Build Quality



Pretty Good


This is a weird guitar.

The first time I played a jaguar, I was like ‘WTF is wrong with this bridge?’. It would just ring, and buzz. It was horrible. I thought it was fucked, till I played another one and realized that while the first one was worse, it was just accentuating what normally happens on a jag bridge. And that is some bullshit. Because who wouldn’t want a short scale fender? It’s awesome and fun to play.

So when I discovered this guitar, I didn’t notice it’s bridge, I just noticed it played great. And it’s because Squier, for one year, made this guitar, with this weird ass bridge. It’s like a crappy plated hard tail mixed with a gibson bridge, in that it uses screws to offset the angle like a standoff, but functions like a normal strat bridge. The result? Not bad at all, just hope nothing needs to be replaced on it, cuz I don’t think parts exist for it.

Over the years, Squier has been a bunch of different things, from Japan-made fenders, to Cheaper made entry guitars, to cheapy cheapy garbage guitars, to damn decent guitars better than most fender USA stuff. This guitar is the latter. It’s an indonesian-made Squier, which from what I can gather, is way better than a china-made Squier. In fact, every Jag bass, and Jag guitar I’ve played that is great: Indonesia. So thats important to know.

The guitar was fairly decent and did about 90% of what I needed it to do. It wouldn’t really allow me to solo though. So thats ultimately why I got rid of it.

I also swapped it’s wierd, dual concentric controls for just standard one volume, one tone controls. Yes, you loose control, but then you also don’t have to deal with all that weird control bullshit. The tone or volume ring, can’t rememeber which, was actually detented. Like WTF?

Tone-wise, it’s decent, but ultimately, it had enough strat-like physical characteristics that I realized I really missed playing strats. So I sold it with the intent of going back to a strat.

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