Sony STR-AV370X Stereo Receiver

Make / Model: Sony STR-AV370X
Year: 1992?
Purchased: 1992?
Price: Gift

Build Quality


Sound Quality



This was part of my first component system, a gift from my parents in my early teens. It was this, a CD player, and a pair of old Fisher speakers that my dad had a lifetime warranty on.

This was a very decent recevier to my untrained ears.

But the best part, was the FM tuner. Being able to pick up the radio, in my room, in high fidelity, seemed amazing to me at that young age.

I remember when Nirvana played their unplugged concert from MTV, and the local radio station broadcast it live. And I recorded it to tape. So I never wanted to buy the CD when it came out, which no one knew it would, because I had a recording of it, straight off the radio, and not properly mixed either. So it sounded raw. And more, my tape deck ran a little slow, so it sounded a little heavier. Amazing.

This was also the radio tuner that I tuned into our local college radio station, at age 14, and listened to the DJs play my bands demo, stop it, make fun of us, and continue on for what seemed like an hour, but was probably 5-10 minutes or so.

I kept it till it died, which it did, in the early 2000s, when it would cut on, but wouldn’t switch on the rest of the unit anymore, so, no sound.

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