Sony CDP-297

Make / Model: Sony CDP-297
Year: 1992?
Purchased: 1992?
Price: Gift

Build Quality


Sound Quality



This was my first CD player. I got this for my birthday when I was 12 or something, with an acompanying Receiver. And I was so stoked to get it. I believe it was our FAMILIES’ first CD player. Well, I think my dad had a laserdisc player that could play CDs…

I loved this thing, and kept it till it broke, which it did, in 2000. It stopped working. Just wouldn’t power on.

Sad day.

CD was amazing to me, because it sounded so clean. I mean, I was used to cassette tapes, and this thing was like a night and day difference from a cassette.

I’m glad my parents gave it to me, as it definetly allowed me to continue learning to appreciate music, and because of the quality of it, I was able to hear the subtle differences in the recordings, which furthered my interest in music as something other than entertainment, but rather as a science and art.

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