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Sound Quality

Suprisingly Decent


For years, I’ve mixed on these things. Why? Because they were my daily headphones, and I knew how they translated. They are suprisingly decent. Not too detailed. Not too murky. High and low end ok. Midrange detail could be better, but overall, very pleased with the mixed I got out of them.

Does this sound like blasphemy? Mixing on $15 earbuds? Well, I wouldn’t believe it if it didn’t happen, repeatably.

The one thing you have to check, is the balance of low mid instruments, like toms, on a real speaker. These will not tell you how out of balance that kind of thing is. But they worked surpisingly well for years.

However, mine last about 3 months. Then they break. Then I buy more, and send a set to the factory to be repaired under the lifetime warranty.

Eventually, I got so bummed at how much plastic I was wasting I moved over to good headphones again. But really, thats why I moved. Yeah the midrange is better on the Senn 540s, but I can’t say the MIXES are.

I tried the nicer Skullcandy ones, and they sounded more fucked. Built better though. Go figure.

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