Sennheiser HD555

(not photo of actual unit)

Make / Model: Sennheiser HD555
Year: 2009
Purchased: ?, 2009
Price: $99 (new)

You can hear this on:
Cinema Society ‘An Introduction’

I used these as my main mixing monitors on all of the above recordings.

Build Quality


Sound Quality



Ok, so I was probably spoiled by the HD 600s, but wow, these are nothing like those. Not at all.

Audiophiles will call these ‘dark’, or ‘natural’, which is to say, where the fuck is the upper mids? Where is the high end?

If you are running around with full size headphone on, you will love these, cuz they will stay on your fucking head like a vice. If however, you want to be comfortable, these headphones are proof that, no matter if the earpads are soft and fuzzy, if the band they are attached to is basically a vice, your head will fucking hurt.

One day I gave these to a friend to shoot out against his Beats headphones, and he remarked that while the Senns ‘lacked bass’, they did have more ‘Detail’.

Regardless, I felt they were pretty bland, and as daily listeners they sucked the life out of the music too much for me, so I gave them to a friend. For mixing, they werent helpful either.

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