Rickenbacker 620

Make / Model: Rickenbacker 620
Year: 2004
Purchased: Classic Axe, 2004
Price: $999

Build Quality


Sound Quality



In 2004, I had become sick and business got weird, so I closed down my studio and tried to acclimate to a new health mandated diet. I got depressed. But I had some money, so I decided to get a guitar I liked, as I had previously sold all my guitar stuff to buy studio stuff. I got a bassman, and I found a Les Paul I really liked: A 2004 ’56 reissue Gold Top. It was really cool. It also cost $2400. I debated on it, then after a month decided to buy it, but when I went to the store, the one I had played was gone, and the one in it’s place, same model, sucked.

So a few weeks later, my wife encouraged me to go find something else. So I drove to NOVA to a store I had never been to. They had this Ric, and since I loved my old Ric, I got it. Afterall, $999 was way more rational than $2400, and the neck was nice.

Fast forward, I played this thing, it was beautiful, but didn’t make any music with it. I did, however, blow up the bassman with it.

Sold it to buy a car when I got divorced a year later.

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