Rickenbacker 330

Make / Model: Rickenbacker 330
Year: 1996
Purchased: Richmond Music, 1997
Price: $600

Build Quality


Sound Quality



In 1997, I was working as a delivery driver at the dumbest place to deliver for, Little Caesars. They had just got into the delivery world, and they had a four foot long pizza called the big foot. I was also delivering in the dead of summer in long sleeves, cuz tattoos, and in a white ghetto. So kids threw rocks at me and I got no tips. Also, it was next to the courthouse and police station, so I had to go EXACTLY the speed limit all day, or get pulled immediately. And the way I was scheduled, somehow, I managed to spend 10 hours of my day at that job, while only getting paid for about 6. Call it commuting, and a after lunch ‘break’ they gave me. Fucking stupid.

Suffice to say, things sucked.

So one night, i heard on the radio that some store was having a ‘midnight maddness’ sale. I couldn’t rememeber what they carried guitar wise, but decided to check it out. I had some money.

They had this guitar, for $600. I didn’t know much about Rics, but I knew that was cheap, and liked the way it played, so I bought it.

That summer, I’d come home on my ‘break’, and play that guitar. It made the world seem right. I’d try to write songs, but few came. I think I was overworked. I was depressed too. But that guitar gave me escape. It was so beautiful sounding, so fun to play, and it was beautiful to look at. Really amazing crafting to it, the fingerboard in particular.

Eventually I sold it to buy something, cuz I figured I wasn’t really doing anything with it to justify keeping it.

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