Powermac G4

Make / Model: Apple Powermac G4 400mHz
Year: 2000
Purchased: Capital Mac, 2000
Price: $1599

Build Quality


Sound Quality

It’s a computer


My first computer.

This was a gift from my dad, that managed to motivated me to get my GED.

Deal was, as a high school drop out, I had NO diploma. If I got my GED, my dad would get me a computer.

I had never wanted a computer, until I started an internship at a local recording studio. Then I learned I needed one. If I had one, not only could I learn to use the computer we had at the studio, better, but I could also do stuff at home and bring it in, and work with clients between the places.

So we set out to find one. And it would be the Powermac G4.

The G4 had just come out. And came in three speeds. I chose the base model, the 400mhz. That seems like nothing now, but at the time, this computer was the first personal computer to acheive a gigaflop, which is a measurement for the amount of calculation it could do in a certain amount of time. As it could do a gigaglop, it was classified as a ‘super computer’, and therefore also classified as a weapon.

Thats pretty cool. First computer, a literal weapon in the eyes of the US State Department.

Accordingly, it couldn’t be exported to other countries. So the folks in the UK had to run their Pro Tools setups on G3s until the laws changed.

This computer changed my life.

I went from being computer illeterate, to within a year and a half, being in charge of a whole lab of them at a local high school. Suffice to say, I took to computing fast.

I spent every extra second fucking with this thing. Learning everything I could about the operating system, how it operated, how to record with it, everything I could learn. And as I was having health issues, my sick days would be ‘learning about the computer’ days.

I learned to build websites with it, graphics with it. It was like a swiss army knife for my mind.

When I opened up the mastering studio, this thing graduated to being a file server, as I needed a PC to run my mastering DAW. And when the studio closed down, I sold it to my friend. And when he wanted to sell it a few years later, he sold it to my other friend. As of 17 years later, his son was using it as his computer. Built to fucking last, and one of the last USA made apple products.

I just can’t express how monumental this thing was in my life.

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